Hootenanny Holler, Prescott, AZ Houses for Sale: A Great Investment

One of Prescott, Arizona's private and quiet ranch communities. Hootenanny Holler residents enjoy the Williamson Valley corridor's open terrain for farming and raising horses. Many residents of Hootenanny Holler in Prescott, AZ enjoy the solitude of pine and juniper forests mixed with wild antelope and pronghorn running through golden tall grasses. This is the scene in Hootenanny Holler and many Williamson Valley communities.

Set 20 miles from historic downtown Prescott, Hootenanny Holler residents have an easy drive down Williamson Valley Rd; a wonderful paved road, taking residents to the doorstep of Abia Judd Elementary School, Ponderosa Plaza Shopping, and New Frontiers Natural Foods. If open skies, clean air, and sweeping landscapes are your thing, look no further than Hootenanny Holler in beautiful Prescott, AZ.

Prescott has been lauded by many popular magazines as a top 5 retirement destination across the U.S. Prescott's moderate climate year-round make for balmy summers, and tolerable winters. Prescott does get dusted with snow storms...their beauty being unmatched especially in downtown Prescott during the holiday season - If you've ever seen the movie "Funny Farm", with Chevy Chase, Prescott will remind you of the Christmas scene in downtown Redbud with carolers, lighted courthouse plaza, and shops open around the square for all to enjoy. Set against the backdrop of Thumb Butte, the sun set silhouette's the mountain's majesty to all who gaze down Gurley Street to the west. Grab a glass of wine at the historic Hassayampa Inn, or the Cafe St. Michael, or stop in for a burger at the jubilant Kendall's Famous Burger joint.

Property buyers looking to own a home in Prescott, AZ should undoubtedly keep Hootenanny Holler houses for sale in mind. After all, with 0 such residences currently on the MLS, there’s no time like the present to sign up and keep an eye on this fabulous community. Buyers can find properties costing anywhere from 0 to 0, and various types of homes being added weekly. Whatever your family size or budget, Hootenanny Holler, Prescott, AZ has something to suit you. Our free online database is updated every day, so keep checking back to read about the most current listings. Want even more information? The specialists at Desert Wide Properties have got you covered! Just call us 480-838-6631 and get all your questions answered today!

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