Sandretto Hills, Prescott, AZ Homes for Sale: An Affordable Option to Home Ownership

Buyers looking to live near Embry Riddle Aeronautical University may want to choose Sandretto Hills as their place of residence.  Sandretto Hills is an affordable community in Prescott, AZ offering lake views, huge panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks, Granite Mountain, and the Mingus Mountain range.  Prescott's Sandretto Hills subdivision is a desirable location for residents wishing to have a short commute to work while living outside the main hustle of downtown Prescott.  Sandretto Hills is a great place for retired pilots who still wish to spread their wings and soar into the wild blue yonder via Prescott Airport.  Sandretto Hills also makes a great investment for parents wishing to see their child graduate from ERAU. 

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Sandretto Hills is situated in a unique position in the Prescott, AZ landscape.  Sandretto Hills is close to both Prescott and Prescott Valley which means you may choose to visit the Entertainment District in Prescott Valley for a movie, or catch the Arizona Sundogs Hockey team playing at Tim's Toyota Center.  You may also head into Prescott for a delightful night on the town.  Sip a latte at the historic Hotel St. Michael's Cafe, enjoy a locally brewed, award-winning beer at The Prescott Brewery, some ethnic Indian fare at the ever enticing Taj Mahal, or of course a local favorite, Hugo's, for some of the best Mexican food in town.
SandrettoHillsResidents have so much to experience and enjoy!  Situated close to Granite Mountain and Granite Dells on either side; residents of Sandretto Hills can enjoy endless hiking trails and experiences.  Much entertainment is to be had at Prescott's local Pioneer Park, a favorite for summer time softball lovers.  This park boasts many hiking trails, tournament level sand volleyball pits, and AA Class outdoor roller hockey rink equipped with stadium seating and snack bar.  Sandretto Hills Residents are sure to get much enjoyment from Pioneer Park as it is only a 1 minute drive away!  Pioneer Park is also the host of Prescott's Firework Festival during the Fourth of July celebration each year.

Just down the street from Pioneer Park is a shopping district filled with coffee shops, grocery stores, pizza parlors, and a host of other services.

Equally close to Sandretto Hills in Prescott, AZ is Chino Valley.  Heading north toward Flagstaff via Paulden is Chino Valley.  Stop in for a round of golf from the Driving Range, or eat at one of China Valley's many locally owned and operated restaurants.  During the summer, this 15 minute quick drive will have you picking your own vegetables from Collier's Farm!  Sandretto Hills' unique position in Prescott makes it one of the most attractive communities for buyers looking to make Prescott, AZ their hometown.  Head directly west and be in the mountains of Prescott's National Forest in no time, and/or on your way to California via the "back route".

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